Association Dues

March 20, 2018 / Comments Off on Association Dues


During the March Board of Directors meeting, dues for calendar year 2018 (January 1 to December 31) are set at $175. The deadline for paying annual dues is June 1, after which late fees are added. Board policy is to not prorate dues.

Association Dues covers the following:

  • Lawn maintenance of the boulevard and from sidewalk to curb on Cornhusker Road and Superior Drive
  • Lawn irrigation (electrical and water), installed on Superior Drive only
  • Snow plowing of sidewalks on Cornhusker Road and Superior Drive
  • Insurance of Association-owned property (signage, landscaping)
  • Liability insurance for the Board of Directors
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as mailings, maintaining a PO Box, this website, etc
  • A reserve fund, meant to be sized as to cover a year’s expenses, to avoid unforeseen expenses that would result in an assessment